Which wheels should I buy for roller derby?


There are so many different types of wheels to choose from in the roller derby world, but which ones should you go for? There are several factors to consider when you are choosing your wheels, your weight, how much grip you want, your skating style and preferences.

We’ve written a short guide to help you pick your wheels.

your weight

A light skater will need softer wheels to get the same level of grip as a heavier person. If you are a heavy person on soft wheels, you will feel like you are stuck in the mud. This is because the rubber is flexing too much and gripping when you don’t need it to.


Softer wheels are more grippy, and because of this will not loose as much traction on the corners or on your stride. If your wheels are too hard for you, you will notice some of your energy being soaked up just to keep the skates from slipping when accelerating or on bends. Softer wheels will also give you more control and be more reactive. A harder wheel will roll faster and slide more easily. This doesn’t mean you will get around the track faster though – it takes allot of effort to hold on the bends if your wheels are too hard and you wont be able to trust the grip when doing sudden sharp maneuvers that are expected in Roller Derby.


A narrower wheel will allow you to cut and change direction much more easily than a wide wheel, as well as rolling faster. Because they are more agile , they will make your maneuvers easier too. If you choose a narrower wheel you will need to go softer to make up for the lost grip of having less surface area on the ground .
Wider wheels will feel more stable, more surface area touching the ground will result in more grip , so you will want a slightly harder wheel if you are coming from a slim set.


A smaller 59mm wheel will accelerate better and feel more stable. A larger 62- 65mm wheel will offer more high end speed.
Roller Derby wheels are usually sold in 59mm or 62mm. There really is not much difference but it is noticeable to a experienced skater.


A light skater looking for agility and grip should aim between 84 and 88a , slim or slim and low.

A heavier skater looking for a bit more speed and stability should aim for 92a +, medium to wide width, 59 or 62mm

Our top three best sellers:


Atom poison wheels

An incredibly grippy wheel and our best seller by far, great for slippery surfaces and grip around the corners


Atom juke wheels

We sell a lot of these wheels, they are small, agile and a great all rounder. They are perfect for agility and acceleration. Less grippy than the Poison wheels.


RollerBones Day of the Dead wheels

A great all rounder, fast rolling and grippy, a quality wheel with a good reputation. Which wheels do you prefer to skate on? If you’d like to submit a review, please email us at rollerderbyreview@gmail.com