Luigino Vertigo Q4 and Q6

Luigino Vertigo Q4 and Q6

What the manufacturers say:

Luigino Q6

Designed from a female foot-last/shape, Luigino Vertigo is an all new quad boot concept. All Vertigo boots are fully heat mold able using a steaming process that makes them surprisingly malleable so you can get a custom fit. With exception of the leather soles, they are made of high quality microfiber, a man made material. Each set of boots comes with a thick plastic bag that has instructions for steam molding printed on it. Just stick your boots in the bag, seal and drop them into a covered, simmering pot of water to steam.

The Q-4 and Q-6 are unique in their appearance and design. Both offer a wider, taller and rounder toe box making them a nice fit for a wider or boxy foot shape. Soft microfiber lines the inside of the boots and 2 little “pillows” of padding at the ankle bones provide comfort and help keep the heel snugly in place. They come equipped with a velcro cinch strap and have a small, stacked heel. Also included are black, heavily waxed laces and a supportive and comfortable insole. The Q-6 has a striped lace cover but that is the only difference between the two, the fit is the same.
• AquaTech and Leather board counters • Pro Evolution Foot Bed (e-Soles)
• BFT (Barefoot Technology) • Poron Padding • Top-Grain Leather Soles (Stitched)

• Microfiber uppers & lining • Ankle Powerstrap


A very highly reviewed boot from derby players.

The lining is amazing! Moulds to your foot very easily and stays like it. You can see the shape of your foot inside these boots.

Its got to be our favourite boot at the moment, makes skating a dream.

It has grest protection around the outside of the boot against scuffs.

They lock your foot in, they are incredibly supportive.

They would get a 5 Star review from us.

As with the Jacksons, They’ve found a perfect balance between they key features expected from a roller derby boot. Support, build quality, comfort, weight and durability.

An awesome quality skate that we struggle to find any cons with.

They have a great feature, they arrive with these “Aqua Bags” to heat mould them in.

Personally, we recommend that you wear your skates in the proper way (without heat moulding) which takes longer. Wear thin or no socks, get your feet hot and sweaty and let nature take its course 🙂


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