Jackson Elite Boot

jackson elite boot review

What the Manufacturers say:

:Full grain leather upper

:Black leather stitched outsole

:Full grain leather lace cover

:Abrasion resistant toe cap

:Microfiber lining

:Padded covered tongue


These are relatively new to the UK but have been rated SOOO highly by anyone who has used these.

A good balance of quality and weight.

Good for a medium sized foot, an average width boot.

Very comfortable.

Heat Mouldable

They have all the latest technology, we think they are a really well thought out boot, these boots have not been created in a hurry, they have thought out every part of the boot and we love the results.


Although they are comfortable when you first put them on, prepare to have to wear them in. This is generally a quality of top end boots. Once they are worn in, you’ll never want to have to replace them. Which is just as well, as they have a reputation for lasting a good while.

We think these are a great investment, if you’re prepared to wait a short while whilst they wear in (heat moulding helps with this) then you’ll be really pleased you bought these.


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