Bont Hybrid Carbon

bont hybrid carbon boot review

What the manufacturers say:
The Quad Hybrid is a combination of our ultra light weight / super fast speed boot and our super tough Derby Patriot boot. This boot has the long lasting 1.5mm Australian leather outer skin, with the low cut stiff carbon or fiberglass heat moldable base.
The Carbon boot has an exposed carbon base where as the Leather model has a fiberglass based wrapped in leather. Both boots are equally heat mouldable


Fully customisable with colours, not just your boring black.

If you find most skates uncomfortable, or have unusual shaped feet, these can be the way to go as they are heat mouldable.

Great looking, if the look is just as important as the skates ability, then these are for you.

Cheaper than the custom Antik packages.

If you prefer a low boot, you’ll find these really comfortable

Carbon fiber bottom, makes your feet feel like they’re attached to the plate for more agile skating.

They’re super light.


They take a REALLY long time to arrive as they come from China

There have been a few reviews from skaters that when they are heat moulded, they still don’t fit properly

We feel that Bont have substituted build quality to get the lightweight skate somewhat.


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