Triple 8 Sweat Saver Helmet Review

triple 8 sweat saver review

Pros – Light, comfortable, sits well on the head nice and low and great colours.

Cons- Non EU certified, not as good protection as some other choices.

In our humble opinion – This helmet is extremely popular over the pond for a good reason, it looks good, feels comfortable and is light weight. They sit better on the head because they do not have the usual hard lining before the foam, the padding is attached immediately to he inner shell of the helmet.

The padding is thicker than usual too, so it moulds around your head perfectly.

If you are looking for the better protection, the TSG helmets are excellent. If the list of pros above appeals, you will not be disappointed.


Jackson Competitor Review

jackson competitor skate review

OMG these skates are AWESOME. The quality, weight and comfort of these skates is tip top. We even love the nylon plates that come on them, they are light and well designed, a far cry from the nylon plates you will have known from lower end skates.

The eagle plates are better than a lot of alloy plates and have a huge weight advantage.

You usual get a choice of wheels when you buy these skates, which is an added bonus.

The bearings are super slick and fast. For their price range you are really getting loads for your money.

In the UK Jackson and Luigino are not well known brands yet – don’t let that put you off, they are very well made and have a lot of experience in skate manufacturing.

We recommend these highly

Deadbolt Blocker Elite Knee Pads Review

Deadbolt Blocker Elite Knee Pads

Deadbolt knee pads

Pros – Quality item, fastening straps, protection.

Cons – price , feel bulky before the memory pads are properly worn in.

In our humble opinion – Both the jammer and the blocker pads are very well made, they look instantly like a quality product. They are new to the UK so we are awaiting as much feedback as we can on durability. By the looks of them there should not be any issues. The fact that they are hand finished in U.S.A contributes to the high price tag, if they last and do the job as well as expected then the price tag may turn out to be reasonable, based on the “buy cheap, buy twice” school of thought.

As you would expect, the jammer pad is lighter and sits closer to your leg, it still has you well protected though.

The blocker is bulkier but not as much as we were expecting. It allows enough movement to skate without noticing any interference but really does look after you when you go down.

The straps are great, your pad is securely locked into place and minimizes the dreaded side to side movement, keeping your knee protected at all times.

Overall, a great new pad that will hopefully justify it’s price tag.