Pilot Eagle Plates Review

Pilot Eagle Plates

Pros – Lightweight, Strong, Reasonably priced

Cons – None for this price.

Very easy to fit.. Pilot does it all for you.

Don’t mistake these for your usual nylon plates, High end performance for an affordable price tag.


Bones Redz Bearings Review

Made by the same people who make all the Bones Swiss bearings (the best out there), REDS are awesome. Tons of bearing companies out there farmed their production out to China so that they could get cheap, crappy bearings to sell to you at a good price. Bones has a name to protect, however, and they put out the effort to make sure that REDS are high quality, well made bearings. They are still made in China, which is why they are still such a good price. Their quality is close to Bones Swiss – not nearly as good, but close.

So, if you are a new skater, these are the bearings you should try. If you’ve been a skater for a while and want something reasonably priced, but not cheap crap – try REDS. You won’t be disappointed.

Riedell R3 Review

Riedell R3

Pros – Good price, comfortable (for slim feet)

Cons – Wheels, not for wider feet (Ideal for slim feet).

Generally, these are very popular as an entry level skate. The boot does stretch quite a bit, we’d suggest to go down a size if you are in between sizes. If you have a slim foot, these or the Jackson Vibe would be the ones to look at – the R3 is slim and the vive is average. The wheels are of a standard expected with skates of this price but they will need replacing sooner rather than later because they will hold back progression.

Overall, a great beginner skate.

SureGrip GT-50 Review

SureGrip GT-50

Pros – Very comfortable, great price point , excellent entry level skate for roller derby .

Cons – Wheels are hard and quite slippery on most sports hall surfaces ( some may like them this way).

Overall a great value skate that is a favourite amongst roller derby folk.

The synthetic leather boot does stretch out in length and width, so make sure you buy them snug. This makes them ideal for people with average to wide feet.

The plates are plastic but they are strong and light, the trucks are metal.

They are surprisingly stable and sure footed for a skate of their price.

Conclusion – If you are are looking for a comfortable, well priced skate, these are a proven favourite.

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