Vanilla Brass Knuckles Boot Review



These boots are gaining popularity pretty quickly at the moment.

They are an excellent boot for mid to wide width feet, not really ideal for very very slim feet if you like a snug fit. They have a leather stitched sole as you would expectant a small heel at the back. The ankle support is fairly high at the sides but shaped in such a way that provides a really comfortable fit. Great support to protect your ankles when you need it.

Thye have recently come down in price and Skate Britain have an excellent deal on them at the moment. You really get a lot of boot for your money with these .

If you’re unsure which size to buy there is a size guide on the Skate Britain website, you can check your exact measurements against this. We recommend getting your own UK size in them if you like a snug fit and going up half a size if you like them slightly looser.

We tend to always recommend getting your skates to fit very snugly, especially in they are a leather boot (as these are) as the leather stretches and moulds to your feet.

Skating is a lot easier if your boots fit you properly and securely. They may feel very tight to start with but they will give.

Here, James From Skate Britain talks about the Vanilla Brass Knuckles Boot.

An awesome boot, you won’t be disappointed.

Watch the video below for more details…

Antik AR1 Boot

antik ar1 boot review

What the manufacturer says:

Antik Skate Boots are a culmination of passion, design and quality, brought together by Mo Sanders aka “Quadzilla”, a lifetime skater who felt the need for a new thought process and design in the way roller skate boots were made. His dream was to bring the sport of roller-skating the most comfortable and technical roller-skate boots on the market. Mo has over 30 years of skating experience in the disciplines of rhythm, roller derby, jam, speed and freestyle, which helped him understand the needs and wants of skaters all over the world. A¾ high suede uppers for added ankle support, secure fit.

Standard fibre counters.
Dry-lex interior lining.
Integrated shock absorbing heel.
Hard toe box with scuff resistant leather.
Narrow heel cup for secure fit.
Rubber foam tongue lining to relieve pressure points on top of foot.
Vulcanised rubber sole.


Created by derby skaters for derby skaters

High top – not typical of derby skates, can be laced low,

Handy loop at the back for extra security

High top can provide more support

Custom colours, amazing combinations. Can match team colours

Leather sole with a wedge heel, very durable, skaters comment that they last several seasons.


Can be expensive

Usually custom made, can take a while to be delivered, check with your skate provider.